Iran Food Industries (IFI), was founded in 1979 as the first producer of concentrate and emulsion for carbonated soft-drinks in Iran. In 1996, based on changes in the economy and the beverage market, the company decided to expand its operations from being a sole producer of soft-drink concentrates to bottling and packaging operations.

As a result of increasing demand IFIís strategic focus has been shifted towards increasing capacity. In less than four years production lines were expanded from two to eight. IFIís existing 13 filling lines allow production capacity of 300,000 bottles/cans per hour.

 The companyís range of products includes; carbonated soft drinks, sparkling and still juices, juice drinks, mineral and drinking water, malt beverages and alcohol-free beer in PET, glass, and aluminum canister containers. IFIís carbonated soft drinks brand; Afracola has been a huge success throughout the neighboring export markets for the past ten years.




IFI is one of the most self-sufficient companies of its size, producing all ranges of preforms for blowing bottles, plastic closures (1 piece HDPE & 2 pieces PP), polyethylene films for shrink application, plastic pallets, liquid carbon dioxide, and polyethylene canisters.


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